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7 Most Common Reasons for AC Repair in Maryland

Is there anything worse than having your home’s air conditioner go kaput right in the middle of a hot day?

When your central air unit stops working, it can send the temperature in your home skyrocketing. It can also make it dangerous for you, your family and your pets to stay in your home.

For that reason alone, you should have AC Repair in Maryland done right away the next time you notice any issues with your air conditioner.

You can keep your home cool and prevent the problems that come along with exposure to the heat.

Take a look at seven of the most common reasons people call for AC Repair in Maryland

ac repair in maryland

.1. The Refrigerant in Your AC Is Leaking

Your home’s air conditioning system contains refrigerant that is used to cool the air that is eventually sent out in your home to keep the temperature comfortable.

The refrigerant lines that are used to carry it throughout the system can occasionally spring a leak or even multiple leaks and prevent it from doing its job.

If this ever happens to you, you will need to have AC Repair done to stop your refrigerant from leaking. You may also need to have refrigerant added back into the system to ensure you have enough of it to cool your air.

This is one of the first things an AC repair company in Maryland will check for when your AC unit stops producing cool air.

It can be a complicated problem to fix, but you should be able to get your AC up and running again soon if this is the issue you’re facing.

2. The Evaporator Coil in Your AC Is Frozen

Your AC unit’s evaporator coil plays a very important role in keeping your home cool.

The evaporator coil fills up with refrigerant when your AC is on and then absorbs the heat that is located in the air in your home. Without the coil, it won’t be possible to get a lot of the heat and humidity in your home out.

The problem is that, at times, an evaporator coil won’t have enough warm air circulating around it. As a result, ice will start to build up on it, and it’ll no longer absorb warm air like it’s supposed to.

When this happens, your AC unit will usually start sending warm air throughout your home instead of cool air. This will increase your home’s temperature instead of bringing it down.

If ice ever builds up on your home’s evaporator coil, you should have it checked out by a company that specializes in AC Repair in Maryland.

3. The Condenser Coil in Your AC Is Dirty

Your AC unit’s condenser coil is in charge of taking all the warm air from your home and blowing it outside.

The condenser coil is situated in the part of your AC system that’s located outside of your home.

In order to keep the condenser coil working properly, you need to keep this part of the AC clean and free of any obstructions. Otherwise, your condenser coil will have to work extra hard to remove warm air from your home.

While the coil might be able to keep up with your demands for a little while when it’s dirty, it will eventually give out on you. You should call to have your air conditioner looked at if you suspect your condenser coil might be the issue with your AC.

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ac repair in maryland

4. The Fans in Your AC Aren’t Working

There are a couple fans inside of the average AC system.

The first fan is located inside of your home and blows warm air over your evaporator coil to cool it off. The second fan is located outside of your home and pushes warm air from your home out.

Both of these fans can give out on you at any time. They might stop working because of:

  • A lack of lubrication
  • A faulty motor
  • A belt that has worn down significantly
  • A lot of dirt and debris in your AC system

Whatever the case, you should have AC Repair done if your fans suddenly stop working on you or don’t appear to be working efficiently enough. They could cause your AC unit to stop cooling your home.

5. The Ductwork in Your Home Is Leaky

Your home’s ductwork is what’s used to carry cool air throughout your home to cool off the various rooms in it.

If you have certain parts of your home that aren’t cooling off, it could be because your ductwork is leaking.

If everything in your AC system seems to be in good working order, it’s a good idea to have your ductwork inspected.

6. The Thermostat Connected to Your AC Is Faulty

Is the thermostat in your home super old?

It could be the cause of your cooling issues. It could be telling your AC to keep your home at a different temperature than you actually want it to be.

Fortunately, new thermostats won’t cost a fortune and will allow you to control the temperature in your home a lot better than old ones.

If your AC checks out during AC Repair in Maryland, you might want to consider replacing your thermostat next.

7. The Drain Line for Your AC Is Clogged or the Drain Pan Is Overfilled

When your AC unit is turned on, it collects all of the humidity from the air and removes it from your home.

It does it by gathering the moisture up and then expelling it through a drain line, into a pan, and then down a drain.

At some point during this process, water can back up in your drain line or pan and sit there. It can then send water back through your AC system if you aren’t careful.

If you ever notice your drain pan filling up too much or don’t see any water making its way there in the first place, you need to have AC Repair completed.

ac repair in maryland

Tackle AC Repair in Maryland Today

Did you just notice that your AC doesn’t seem to be working properly?

There are some troubleshooting tips you can try on your own to fix the problem.

If none of them work, you should then call a highly-rated Maryland air conditioner repair company. They should have the experience and expertise to fix your AC for you in no time.

Contact us today to schedule maintenance or repairs on your AC unit.

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